A to XP: The Agile ABC Book

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It’s the perfect gift for your Agile friends, team members, colleagues and business partners!

A to XP is a fully illustrated ABC book of definitions and terms common in the Agile world written by Agile coach, Karen Favazza Spencer. Illustrated by Mary Lou Nye of MLN Designs.

With 26 whimsical color illustrations, A to XP is a light-hearted approach to Agile Adoption and Transformation. Use it as a great conversation starter for your team, as a primer for your manager or as an Agility checklist for yourself.

Whether you identify with Lean, Scrum or eXtreme Programming, A to XP takes your team to the next level!

The review are in!

“I love it when people explain things to me in simple language. This book delivers: it has wonderful visuals that help connect readers quickly with the ABCs of Agile. A great primer for Agile”

Michael Sahota, author of Agile Adoption and Transformation Survival Guide

“A delightful romp into the essence of Agile; A to XP is a visually appealing, bottom line summary of what makes Agile tick.”

Ellen Gottesdiener, author of Discover to Deliver: Agile Product Planning and Analysis

“I love this little book! I think it’s time we all went back to kindergarten and learned our ABCs!.”

Linda Rising, author of Fearless Change


The Agile ABC Book is the

perfect gift!