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A Few of My Favorite Things

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Networking: A 21st century definition Networking is about creating a community that fits your values and your interests. It’s about sharing ideas. It’s about manifesting ideas in the real world. It’s about becoming the best person you can become and putting forth that which is most good in you into the world. It’s about making […]

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Tooth Fairies Meeting

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Confessions of a Tooth Fairy written and performed by Kristen Wiig & Melinda Hill Conceptually, everything can be made simple. However, in its execution, nothing is ever simple. Not even the job of tooth fairy. Yet, it occurred to me, as it may have occurred to you, that if the two tooth fairies in the […]

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Snowflake Simulation

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What a marvelous three day conference! Agile Games 2013 was a blend of structured presentations and discovery style workshops. The 92 participants came from all over the USA, Canada, England, Switzerland, Belgium and Germany. In the closing circle, it was unanimous, we all want to come back again next year! Lean Start Up Workshop at […]

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Purpose and Motivation

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In a recent interview with IT Knowledge Exchange about why I wrote A to XP: The Agile ABC Book, I spoke of seeing a need for an entry point to Agile Literacy. I also spoke about being of service to the Agile community by offering a job aid. That’s all true, but there is more […]

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Fibber McGee and Data Management

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Despite data compression, better technology, information analysis and strategic retention policies, Fibber McGee and his closet are alive and well in business today. IT Departments are not only finding themselves buried by the data they purposefully save, but by the data individuals find ways of duplicating and saving in their own personal “closets” such as […]

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Innovation is…..

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A  recent Linked In discussion asked that we finish the sentence, “Innovation is….”. Being a fan of alliteration and groups of three,  I suggested the following: Innovation is Inclusive, Inventive and Invigorating.   Inclusive: If we limit participation or place constraints on the process, we limit our opportunities. This may be the biggest challenge in […]

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Decision Making

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Decision Making has been a topic that interested me since childhood. I suspect it started the day my mother walloped me with the wooden spoon as she was chasing my naughty little brother through the house. It was a quick “drive-by” spank. As she rushed off in pursuit of the guilty culprit, I loudly protested, […]

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Bloomberg Businessweek and The Agile ABC Book

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December 18, 2012 Two produce primer on Agile management By Joann Mackenzie Staff Writer —- — Now, just in time for Christmas, comes what its creator, Gloucester resident Karen Favazza-Spencer, describes as “the perfect Scrum stocking stuffer for college kids outbound for the corporate workplace.” We are talking about Favazza-Spencer’s new self-published paperback, “A to […]

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The Psychology of Agility

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Last night I presented at the Agile Boston monthly User Group on the Psychology of Agility. It was fun! I focused on the three E’s.   Expectation: You create what you expect to get. Environment: An opportunity to set the stage for success. Equilibrium: Learning requires scaffolding to control the Fear of Failing. We covered […]

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