The following are a few templates that increase learning by engaging the whole brain in activities that tap into:

  1. Collaborative Thinking
  2. Creative Thinking
  3. Critical Thinking

Concept Maps
Sometimes known as mind-mapping, concept maps are simply a way of thinking on paper to better capture connections between thoughts – a type of note taking. Organizing concepts graphically increases retention of ideas by engaging the visual motor parts of the mind. Additionally, the activity of creating the graphic creates an affective connection to the material which increases the likelihood of using the material, i.e. a behavioral change based on learning practice.

Tic Tac Toe: Prefill in the 9 boxes with key concepts from a training. Every 10-20 minutes, stop the proceedings and advise participants to identify items just covered, adding notes about what seemed most important for those items. At the end of the session, prompt participants to make a personal commitment to executing one new concept by filling in the bubble at the bottom of the page.


Bingo: Same instructions as Tic Tac Toe. Be sure to have some small prize for the person who first calls Bingo.


Activity Sheets
An alternative to reviewing material after a training session. Increases retention and team commitment to change.

Seven Statements: Use to review material from a long session to reinforce learning. Best executed in groups of 3 or pairs.


Skill Builder: A checklist of concepts covered in a training session for individual or group self-assessment.