Jolts are short activities that generate insights. Jolts generate learning by challenging participants to re-examine their comfortable assumptions & habitual practices. Always allow time after the Jolt to debrief.  Some jolts, especially the entrapment type, may elicit strong reactions. If in doubt about an exercise, tell the story of the jolt rather than doing the exercise and then generate the insights in the debriefing.

The premier site for finding hundreds of Jolts is:


The Debrief solicits reactions from the participants about observations, feelings & real world application. A debrief should not be rushed. Even if the Jolt is only 2 minutes in duration, the debrief can take anywhere from 10 minutes to 2 days. The basic Debrief questions are:

  1. What did you observe?
  2. What did you feel?
  3. How does this apply to your everyday life?